Gas Gang – Disposable Vape Pens


  • 1 pen: $50
  • 2 pens: $90
  • Indica, Hybrid, Sativa
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These vape pens contain only the highest quality THC concentrate and ingredients. With so many strains to choose from, ranging from the well-known Blue Dream to the exotic Cupcake Delight, there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone!



Mango OG: (Sweet, fruity, pine) *SOLD OUT IN WOOD/GUELPH*

Lychee: (Sweet, sour, fruity) *AVAIL ONLY IN CAMB/KW/GUELPH*

Pink Kush: (Pine, wood, floral) *SOLD OUT IN SAUGA/KW/WOOD*

Bruce Banner: (Sweet, citrus, diesel)

God’s Gift: (Berry, citrus, woody) *AVAIL ONLY IN WOOD*



Mint Chocolate Chip: (Chocolate, nutty, mint) *AVAIL ONLY IN CAMB/HAM*



Trix: (Sweet, candy, pine) *SOLD OUT IN WOOD*

Blackberry: (Fruity, sweet, pine) *AVAIL ONLY IN CAMB/SAUGA/HAM*

Blue Dream: (Pine, sweet, lemon) *SOLD OUT IN WOOD*

Ghost Train: (Citrus, lemon, sweet) *SOLD OUT IN HAM*

Banana Split: (Fruity, vanilla, banana) *AVAIL ONLY IN SAUGA*

Forbidden Fruit: (Berry, fruity, citrus) *AVAIL ONLY IN WOOD*

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Mango OG (Indica) SOLD OUT IN WOOD/GUELPH, Trix (Sativa) SOLD OUT IN WOOD, Mint Chocolate Chip (Hybrid) AVAIL ONLY IN CAMB/HAM, Blackberry (Sativa) AVAIL ONLY IN CAMB/SAUGA/HAM, Lychee (Indica) AVAIL ONLY IN CAMB/KW/GUELPH, Pink Kush (Indica) SOLD OUT IN SAUGA/KW/WOOD, Bruce Banner (Indica), Blue Dream (Sativa) SOLD OUT IN WOOD, Ghost Train (Sativa) SOLD OUT IN HAM, God's Gift (Indica) AVAIL ONLY IN WOOD, Banana Split (Sativa) AVAIL ONLY IN SAUGA, Forbidden Fruit (Sativa) AVAIL ONLY IN WOOD