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The 8 Best Marijuana Delivery Spots Ontario Offers

Recreational cannabis is nothing to be ashamed of, and cannabis delivery is a celebration of that fact. 

However, no matter how open-minded you are, there will always be places that treat using cannabis as a criminal offence - or just turn their noses up at people using it.

If you are heading to Ontario, Canada, then you probably know that buying cannabis (and using it) is federally legally allowed. 

However, not all parts of Ontario are going to be cannabis-friendly, especially for recreational use. 

So where should you turn if you want legalized fun without nosy Canadians trying to get in the way?


Kitchener is an obvious choice. It is cannabis-friendly and has plenty of Ontario cannabis store deliveries to offer. 

Smoking in public outdoor spaces is allowed, and cannabis products are easy to pick up in either the raw form or as part of baked goods.

Aside from recreational use in public places, you can also enjoy smoking in weed-permitted businesses. 

You also have plenty of things to occupy yourself with after smoking, such as the fast skiing and snowboarding slopes of Chicopee or the reliable family-friendly entertainment of Bingemans.

Convenient Post-Weed Delivery Things to Try In Kitchener

  • Get some quick exercise with skiing and mountain biking at Chicopee.
  • Enjoy Chicopee golf courses.
  • Visit the Doon Heritage Village.
  • Enjoy some top acting and musical performances at Centre in the Square.


Waterloo follows the same rules as elsewhere in Ontario: stick to private residences and public spaces, make sure you are smoking dried cannabis, and do not do anything obviously illegal.

Home to a range of markets and malls, there is plenty to shop for in this part of Canada. 

The Sanctuary Day Spa can let you spend some time relaxing, and there are countless parks and trails throughout the city - you are not stuck using weed on the sidewalks with nowhere to explore.

Cheap Post-Weed Delivery Things to Try In Waterloo

  • Get out of your room with some hillside trails.
  • Take a tour of the Innocente Brewing Company to see alcohol in the making.
  • Visit a number of museums and displays to absorb yourself in Waterloo.


Cambridge makes it easy to purchase cannabis quickly, with many local businesses offering weed delivery located front and center. 

However, there is also plenty to do outside of smoking. Whether you are visiting the Hamilton Family Theatre and the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory or exploring the Fashion History Museum, there is a lot of atmospheres to soak in.

Quick Post-Weed Delivery Things to Try In Cambridge

  • Explore Churchill park.
  • Take a shopping trip in a range of local stores.
  • Explore local history at various historic sites.
  • Learn more about your sense of style at the Fashion History Museum.


Guelph has the same relaxed rules on both medical and casual usage of cannabis, following the same legal guidelines as the rest of Ontario. Remember - smoking in public is legal, but it is not legal in local businesses if they do not permit it.

Only an hour from downtown Toronto, Guelph offers great outdoor spaces such as the Rockwood Conservation Area. 

There are also great trails to hike through the country, as well as an entire city downtown filled to bursting with stores, restaurants, and unique experiences.

Same Day Post-Weed Delivery Things to Try In Guelph

  • Wander the main stores downtown.
  • Take a hike through one of the city's many natural trails.
  • Immerse yourself in history and culture with many exhibits and museums.


Having only had its own cannabis dispensary and deliveries for a year or two, Woodstock is still quite new to dried cannabis being legal.

Even so, as long as you follow the law and smoke in parks or public city areas rather than a business' customer-filled room, everything should be absolutely fine.

Woodstock boasts galleries and museums alongside plenty of city parks, as well as its amazing One of a Kind antique mall spanning four floors. 

The Woodstock Farmer's Market makes for some great shopping, but there are also artesian food companies to choose from if you are in a more exclusive mood.

Fast Post-Weed Delivery Things to Try In Woodstock

  • Shop for interesting antiques at One of a Kind.
  • Enjoy some private reading time at a public library.
  • Explore trails and museums all across Woodstock.

Top Post-Weed Delivery Things to Try In Mississauga

  • Enjoy some unique food creations.
  • Take a walk around the falls.
  • Shop for brands you can't find elsewhere.


The booming and reliable cannabis delivery market means that you always have a way to get hold of more legal weed, all within Ontario's legal guidelines for cannabis usage.

The city itself provides a lot of unique experiences, from air taxi trips to self-guided tours. 

There are also famous spaces like the HMCS Haida National Historic Site, giving you a full overview of a single ship's long military career, or the Museum of Steam and Technology.

Best Post-Weed Delivery Things to Try In Hamilton

  • Take a fast air taxi trip through Hamilton and Toronto.
  • Embrace beautiful natural trails.
  • Visit historic sites from Canada's history.

Preparing For Your Visit

Find Cannabis-Friendly Hotels

If you are wanting to stay in Ontario for more than a couple of days, cannabis-friendly hotels are a must. 

While companies like Canada High Tours can help you get around and see the sights, you still need a place to sleep.

Thankfully, there is plenty to find post-legalization, with many hotels letting you smoke in permitted spaces (both indoor and outdoor spaces).

From Parks Creek Retreat and Eagle Lake to more city-focused hotels, there are a lot of places to stay that allow cannabis usage and possession. 

Ontario is very open about cannabis as a whole, so most businesses have a clear stance on it.

It is illegal to use cannabis in businesses that do not allow it, although you can generally still possess it. 

Be sure to check that you are using cannabis-friendly businesses and hotels before planning a trip to Ontario


Find Ontario Cannabis Store Options

Unless you can somehow deliver cannabis legally over the border without possession issues coming to a head, it is best to purchase your cannabis there. The international border means that Canadian cannabis stores are your best bet.

There are plenty of stores located in Ontario that make it easy to purchase cannabis as casually as alcohol and cigarettes.

While Toronto might have some of the most well-known sources, Ontario as a whole has plenty. 

Canada opting for legalization means that Ontario has plenty of local Ontario cannabis stores to choose from, many of which are held in high regard.

Remember to look into the legal details surrounding cannabis purchases in Ontario, Canada. 

You do not want to get blindsided with restrictions that you did not know about beforehand.

Know the Laws Behind Recreational Cannabis Use

You can buy marijuana easily in Canada, but you still need to consume it properly once you cross the border.

Toronto's laws are the standard for Ontario. As the city with the most resources, Toronto legal information on marijuana can be a great place to turn for a breakdown of what's legal and what's illegal.

Important details about cannabis use in Canada include:

  • You cannot use it within 20 meters of a school or childcare centre.
  • You cannot give it to anybody below the legal age of use. Even if they are not planning to use it, you can't let a child below the age of 19 possess cannabis.
  • You cannot consume cannabis in areas where smoking is not allowed.
  • You can usually consume cannabis in public spaces, but only in situations where it is not causing problems for other citizens.
  • Cannabis is best used on private property and is illegal to use in businesses that do not permit it.
  • You can only use weed in a hotel that permits use on hotel grounds. This includes private hotel rooms - although you can usually possess cannabis in hotel rooms regardless.
  • You can start smoking in vehicles under the right circumstances (including boats, which need sleeping and cooking facilities to be considered proper residential vehicles).

Weedstop cannabis edibles delivery

For a complete guide to the cannabis laws you need to know, look into the various informative sites set up by Toronto's government and community. 

Toronto laws are a good place to understand the cannabis laws spread through both Southern and Northern Ontario since Toronto itself uses very straightforward legal details that are easily broken down into individual rules