Fruit of the Gods


  • 1/2 OZ: $70
  • OZ: $100
  • 30/70 Indica/Sativa
  • 30% THC
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This divinely inspired medical strain is a sativa-dominant cross of Northern Lights #5, Skunk #1, and Haze, all classics in their own right. The exact ratio of sativa/indica isn’t clear, but Fruit of the Gods is probably at least 70% sativa. The THC contents of this strain vary but can reach as high as 30%. Typically for a sativa, CBD levels are very low, too low to recommend this strain to patients who need that form of marijuana treatment. The high is focused on the head, with a strong shot of mood enhancement and a high degree of mental clarity. The dominant feelings in this creeper high are relaxation and happiness. The flavour and aroma of this strain is strongly reminiscent of flowers, with a sweet haze taste. Fruit of the Gods is designed to treat depression, anxiety, fatigue, and chronic body pains. Adverse effects may include dry mouth and dry eyes, while paranoia and other negatives are more limited. Born in Amsterdam, this is a rare strain almost everywhere else, including legal markets in the United States. But the strong cerebral effects of Fruit of the Gods make it a good choice for daytime activities.

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