Little Devil *AVAIL ONLY IN KW*


  • 1/4 OZ: $70
  • 1/2 OZ: $120
  • OZ: $220
  • 70/30 Indica/Sativa
  • 40% THC
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A common indica-dominant hybrid strain is known as Little Devil. It has a very high THC content, about 40%. It doesn’t take much of this cannabis to provide a person with a quality high that lasts for several hours. Since it does induce sleepiness, it is best to use it at night. This is a 70:30 Indica/Sativa strain. It grows well in a small amount of space which is very encouraging to those that are growing the plants indoors. Little Devil is dark green in colour with plenty of cannabis that develops on the leaves. Even though it isn’t a big plant, the yield is very generous. It will start to flower after about 3 weeks. Little Devil is used to help with a variety of needs. It is often taken by those that suffer from mild to moderate depression in order to help them improve mood. It can stimulate appetite for someone with an eating disorder or low appetite due to medications. It can also reduce pain and help reduce insomnia.

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