Cannabis is a plant that is highly complex and has been used for its medicinal properties for hundreds if not thousands of years. To understand it better, we have created different categories to help organize marijuana by the physical and mental effects it creates. One of those categories is called Indica. Indica is a type of bud that is best known for heavy-hitting physical effects. An Indica weed strain will induce a strong body high which could result in something known as couch lock. Your body will feel extremely relaxed and heavy, which usually also creates a very calming feeling in the mind. Indicas tend to produce more body-centred effects than Sativas. On the less desirable side, this means dry mouth, red eyes, and coughing. These effects are often grouped together under the term ‘stoned’, as opposed to the ‘high’ imparted by Sativas. This is not to say that Indicas have no psychoactive effect, just that they are more known for their noticeable effects on the body. With such strong physical effects, any strains that fall into this category are best enjoyed at night. There are many fun activities one might enjoy when smoking an Indica strain. Many experienced users like to listen to music, watch a movie, create some art, or even take a nice nap. Indica cannabis flowers are used to treat a wide variety of ailments such as depression, anxiety, and can also be used as an appetite-inducer. Indica also has a significantly higher CBD content than other types of pot, which is a cannabinoid that is non-impairing but produces many physical benefits. Because of this, Indica is also fantastic at reducing pain, easing migraines, and even preventing seizures. In fact, this type of cannabis is rich in an array of cannabinoids like CBN. CBN found in Indica is used to treat symptoms and side effects common with neurological conditions which include seizures, muscle stiffness, and epilepsy. Indica tends to have a deeper flavour profile leaning more towards diesel, grape, and pine. Indica plants are short and stocky with bushy greenery and chunky leaves that grow wide and broad. They grow faster than sativa, and each plant produces more buds as well. Cannabis Indica grows in two distinctive phases called vegetation and flowering. Vegetation is better known as simply the “growing period” which is when the plant devotes much of its energy too increasing in mass and size. During the second and last phase, the flowering phase, growth begins to become almost indistinguishable to the eye as its energy is being used to grow its reproductive parts. Male flowers distribute pollen whereas the female plants produce the majority of the cannabinoids and produce seeds. There are many popular Indica strains available for same day weed delivery on our menu, keep an eye out for any strain that has the word Kush in it as it is almost always going to be Indica. There are several delicious Indica buds available in several different price ranges, we like to work within everyone’s budget. Another bonus is that these flowers are included in our mix and match deals. Choose any strains within the same price range to mix for the half or ounce price! 

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