Oreo Stomper *SOLD OUT IN WOOD*


  • 1/4 OZ: $70
  • 1/2 OZ: $120
  • OZ: $220
  • 50/50 Indica/Sativa
  • 39% THC
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Oreo Stomper is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the delicious MAC Stomper X Oreos #3 strains. This tasty bud offers an insanely high potency level and delicious flavor that may trick you into over consuming if you’re not careful with your dosage. The high will hit you as soon as you exhale, rushing into your brain with a powerful sense of lifted euphoria that has you feeling insanely happy and not really able to focus on much of anything at all. A tingly physical high comes next, sinking into your body and allowing you to stretch out and relax with a sense of all-encompassing calm and ease. Thanks to these effects and its super high 30-39% average THC level, Oreo Stomper is often chosen to treat a variety of conditions including chronic stress or anxiety, chronic pain, depression and cramps or muscle spasms. Tis bud has a sweet and fruity berry grape flavor with hints of tropical citrus. The aroma is very similar, with a tropical citrusy overtone accented by fruity grapes and spicy herbs. Oreo Stomper buds have dense, triangle-shaped olive green nugs with bright purple undertones, thin red-orange hairs and chunky white trichomes.

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