Only my first order but not even ten minutes and product was in hand and bud was indeed dank. I’m a picky customer and I was pleasantly impressed with the service, price and quality. 👌

“Omfg not even ten minutes”regular customer

i have been using weedmaps for a couple years and tried pretty much all the different dispensaries. Until i found Dankhub. They are by far and away the best delivery service in the area. The prices are great and more so the product is top notch every time. I would highly recommend Dankhub to everyone looking for a reliable honest delivery service. Also i love my driver. Thanks Dankhub

“best delivery service in Kw”regular customer

Dank hub doesn’t only provide you flower to smoke but also an experience to come with! A large selection of flowers, concentrates, etc… that is frequently changing around with new products. Better selection, delivery, and service than anything else on Weedmaps. 2 Thumbs up 10 Stars 😁

“Great weed, Great times”regular customer
Once I found dankhub I never went anywhere else. Best delivery service on weedmaps, always quality bud and quality customer service, what else could you ask for?
“11/10”regular customer
by far the best service on weedmaps! delivery is extremely fast product is amazing quality I will call them before anyone else. i have picked up off of them a few months now weekly and have never had a single complaint always amazing!
“best 100$ oz by far!!!!”regular customer
I have recently moved to Waterloo and I discovered Dank Hub. I’ve had some bad experiences with local dispensaries and decided that I would give Dank Hub a try before finding a local “friend”. Not only was the weed amazing, their delivery service was prompt and friendly! And showed up in record time! Highly recommend!
“Best delivery service in the KW area!”regular customer
Amazing quality bud. Extremely fast and very friendly delivery. Won’t order from anywhere else. Thank you Dankhub
“#1 In Town”regular customer
Started pickin up from them with their $100 Mix & Match deals(easily worth $180) and never looked back. From great value there to delicious value with their primo, you can’t go wrong. plus they’ve never taken more than 1.5 hours from order to front door. Try em and you just might have a new supplier lol 👌🏾
“Name Says It All”regular customer
I have been using Dankhub for a couple months now and I am so happy I found them. Great prices and great bud.they are fast too, I have yet to wait anywhere near an hour, usually here in 30 to 40 minutes.
“Dankhub is the best”regular customer